Wind Storm Damage: What to Look For and What to Do

Property Owners Often Fail to Check Roofs After Wind Storms

Since a roof is designed to protect against rain, property owners often don’t perform a maintenance check after thunderstorms. This can be a dangerous habit seeing as Wind Storms are often confused with thunderstorms.

However, if the only time you check on your roof is after a hurricane or hailstorm, you miss the opportunity to discover any damage that might have been caused by strong winds.
Property owners must keep an eye (and eye) out for the weather. If you notice any heavy wind, it pays to check your local weather report for wind gusts or tropical storms.

What to Look For After a Wind Storm

Asphalt shingles are made to seal together using an adhesive called a glue strip or sealant strip. On older roofs where the adhesive is worn, or on new roofs that haven’t had the chance to seal appropriately, high winds can break this seal causing entire rows of shingles to lift off, and even detach entirely, from the roof.

High winds often carry debris with them. Caught on the adhesive, dirt and other small particles prevent the shingles from laying down and holding together correctly.
These shingles often do not re-seal and have to be replaced.

What To Do

After every wind storm, perform a manual maintenance check. Take pictures to document all the damage, and if possible cover the affected areas with tarps.
It is essential to contact your insurance immediately after noticing and documenting all damage.

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