Slate Roofing

Slate roofing

Slate roofing is one of the longest lasting roof materials. It is known to sometimes last more than 100 years. Slate roof tiles are made of metamorphic rocks which are derived from sedimentary rock of volcanic ash and clay. They have always been and are still one of the best options out there, even with all the new modern roofing materials. 

However, just like any roofing material, it is critical to learn about advantages and drawbacks of your roofing material before you make a buying decision.


  •  Aesthetic Appeal

Slate tiles are known to add beauty to your roof, they pretty much enhance the look of every structural building they were added to. In fact, most churches and castles today use slate for their roofs. Also, slate tiles come in various styles, sizes, thicknesses and colors offering many choices to their buyers.

  • Longevity

According to the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) slate is by far the longest lasting roofing material, with a life expectancy of 150+ years, followed closely by clay and concrete at roughly 100 years. Amazing, right?

  • Safety

Slate roofing is one of the most fire resistant roofing materials out there; it is non-combustible as it requires an extreme level of heat to make slate crack. Since it is made of natural stone, it’s also water absorbent and protective against different weather conditions.

  • Eco-friendly

Slate's longevity makes it an environmentally friendly choice. The waste from roofs accounts for around 5% of the total waste sent to landfills across the nation every year. Slate does not contribute to that percentage as Clay tiles and slate can be easily recycled, without polluting the air.


  • Weight

Slate is not a good idea if your home doesn’t have a strong structure to support its heaviness. The weight of slate roofing tile is anywhere between 800 and 1,500 pounds per square (100 square feet). Therefore, you should get your residence evaluated from a structural standpoint before you install slate roofing tile on your home to make sure it can take the weight.

  • Installation problems

Since slate roofing is not as often used as other roofing materials, it requires experts who went through proper training to know how to install it correctly. In fact, the key to its longevity is a proper installation. Otherwise, it can cause major roof problems down the road. 

  • Fragility and replacement

Slate roof can easily get broken if stepped on, and if a tile gets broken it is hard to replace it and find a perfect match. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get slate roofing, it simply means whoever is getting on your roof should know what they’re doing.