Repair or Replace? A Quick Guide for Commercial Property Owners

What is one of the most common questions any commercial property owner will ask themselves at some point or another?

“Should I replace my roof, or can I get by with simply repairing it?”

When problems with your commercial roof or industrial roof system start to occur, ignoring the signs can lead to many serious and expensive issues. These conditions can cause a dangerous working or living environment for employees or residents, so you must take action quickly.

Even with proactive roof maintenance, problems can still arise from the passage of time. Whether extensive storm damage or a small leak, it’s crucial to have a basic knowledge of what calls for a repair or a complete replacement.

Red Flags: Watch Out for These Signs of Major Damage,

After any strong storm, APC roofing experts advise property managers to do a manual check of the roofing system, which can lead to the discovery of any problem areas before another storm hits. Things to check for include:

Missing Shingles – lead to areas where rainwater can seep under the roof and eventually leak through

Stains in the wall or ceiling – the result of a significant leaking problem

Mold spots and foul odors – are formed from any pooling water that did not flow off the roof, but instead had to dry out on the surface slowly

Puddles of water – are certainly the easiest to spot, and are an indication that damage to the roof has resulted in a direct leak

Whenever these red flags pop up, it’s imperative to contact professional roofing contractors to do an immediate inspection of your roof. They will provide an assessment including all areas of concern with your roofing system, and explain any short-term or long-term choices that are available to you. These, of course, depend on the severity of the developing issues or existant damage.

When A Roof Repair is Possible

The majority of the time, roof repair is the most cost-effective option. If the issues are minor and can be quickly and safely repaired, the best option is to restore any missing shingle patches or small leaks. As long as no damage is done to the insulation, flashing, and membrane, repair work to one isolated area helps extend the life of your roofing system and is cost-effective.

Roof Overlay: Finding a Middle-Ground

If the inspection finds further issues, sometimes a roofing overlay system may be the best choice. A repair may not be possible because of safety issues, such as damage to the flashing or plywood. In these situations, when carried out by professional roofing contractors, a roofing overlay system can provide you with a long-term, more cost-effective solution.

When your Assessment Calls for a Full Roof Replacement

In some cases, a roof repair can’t fix the issue; when the integrity of the current roof is compromised a roofing overlay isn’t possible, and a full roof repair is required. Damage from hail, strong winds, or severe rains, especially on older roofs, may lead to significant interior leaks. In those cases, investing in a brand-new roofing system can easily save property owners thousands of dollars in damage control. Replacing the roof can lead to up to a 6% boost in property value. APC roofing experts have found that property owners receive an average of 80-120% of the total investment back when selling the property.

Switching to a modern roofing system has many other monetary benefits. Repairing these roofs is much easier and less expensive than the cost of repairs for old systems. Additionally, They are much less prone to leaks and tend to last years longer.

Advanced roofing systems also save property owners money on utilities, since the energy-efficient roofs circulate more fresh air during the summer months and do more to prevent heat loss during the cold season.

These newer systems are also a significant first step to starting a green initiative program. While establishing the program from scratch can be very expensive, these new roofing systems are still compatible while being more cost-effective. The modern roofing system is up to par with green initiative requirements and bylaws while saving property owners the more significant investment the program would require.

Before making the hefty decision to replace an entire roofing system, it’s best to get a detailed and comprehensive assessment from a professional roofing company. Replacing a roof can be a difficult choice, but in many cases, it is the best possible option.

Any delay can cost you more than a new roof. For a free 17-point assessment, contact APC Roofing Experts.

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