How mechanical equipment affects your roof!


Water damage causes billions of dollars worth of destruction every year. Hail, rain, wind, snow, thunder, floods and hurricanes all contribute to that amount. Your roof is the most important aspect of your home, and it is the most vulnerable to water damage. Having a leaky roof can put you and your family in danger. 


While many associate roofs leaking to a cracked chimney, flashing, clogged gutters or broken shingles; one should not ignore that one of the main and common reasons for roof leaks can be the equipment installed on your roof! 


Unfortunately, the roof is a working platform for every construction trade (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, etc.), and many times the equipment itself is not waterproof, and electrical and plumbing contractors remain blissfully unaware of the equipment problems. 

Not only electrical and plumbing contractors but also many roofers when facing a roof leak make repairs to anything in the vicinity, thinking the leaking is solved. Meanwhile, rooftop equipment (e.g., satellite dishes, solar panels, air conditioners, skylights) continue to take in water. 



APC roofing services is amongst the few knowledgeable roofing companies that are offering maintenance programs that take rooftop equipment problems into consideration

Common spots where roof equipment leaks take place:


·        The areas near heavy equipment like HVAC units and exhaust fans are often the site of punctures and leaks. Screws can be pulled out, and washers or gaskets can dry rot, all creating potential entry points for water. 

·        Ventilation isn’t waterproof, and hard, driving rain can get through HVAC access panels. 

·        Wind-blown rain can easily get through skylight louvers

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