Rockville Roof Repair

Rockville Roof Repair

Once you install a new roof, you should be prepared to carry out a few repairs after several years. This is because factors such as age and the weather eventually take a toll on the roofing materials. At APC Roofing Experts, we carry out Rockville roof repair using quality materials that are more resistant to damage.

Why are Your Shingles Curling?

Some of the possible reasons why your shingles are curling are:

  • Poor Ventilation in the Attic

When the ventilation system in the attic is not working properly, hot, humid air from the house rises and gets into contact with your roofing materials. This heat, over time, causes the shingles to curl up.

  • Poor Installation

Improper nailing of a shingle during installation can contribute to premature curling, especially when it’s left loose or the overlapping is done incorrectly. Besides curling, the wind can also easily blow away such shingles.

  • Poor Quality

If your roofing system was made using low-quality shingles, you might find yourself dealing with curling sooner than later. Therefore, it’s important to only trust a reputable roofing company like APC Roofing with your project as they’ll use high-quality materials.

  • Age

As your shingles age, they begin to crack, break and curl. This is due to the amount of exposure to elements such as heat and cold over the span of many years.

How Does Hot or Cold Weather Affect Your Roofing?

Temperatures in the environment, both hot and cold, can affect your roofing. When the temperatures are high, the material expands. It then contracts in cold temperatures. If both of these conditions are extreme, thermal shock can contribute to the cracking of your roof. It can also cause the roof to pull away from its fastenings.

UV rays from the sun can contribute to the premature aging of shingles by causing them to fade, curl, and crack. The rays also weaken wooden roofs, making them split easily.

In cold weather, when there’s snow, ice dams may form on the edges of rooftops and in the gutters. This disables the drainage of rainwater and snow, which then accumulate on the roof and put extra pressure on the framing.

How to Prevent Roofing Damage Caused by Heat or Cold

Damage that results from heat and cold is aggravated if there’s inadequate insulation beneath the roof, in the attic. Therefore, making sure that your attic is well insulated and ventilated is one of the ways to minimize the risk of dealing with these issues.

Proper ventilation ensures that hot air is dispensed from the roof, highly reducing the heating effect on the material. For the ice dams, you can try to shovel off the snow as it collects on your roof. It’s, however, advisable to use a professional roofer to clear ice dams for you, as the roof can be slippery at this time.

Get Expert Roof Repair

At APC Roofing Experts, we recommend that you take quick action in case of any issues with your roof to avoid extensive and costly damages. Call us today on +1 301 357 8275 if you need Rockville Roof repair, and we'll promptly fix your roof.

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