Commercial Roofing Washington Dc

Commercial Roofing Washington Dc

A new commercial roof is a significant purchase by the business. It is daunting to think that considering commercial roofing in Washington DC will not require intensive budgeting. APC Roofing Services has been helpful to clients for more than twenty years of its operation in DC and MD.

We give prospective clients the confidence to consider us for the project by providing free estimates for all roofing projects. The aspects that affect a roofing project are essential in helping building managers and owners create a prospect of what to expect while planning a construction, repair, or replacement.

What affects the price of commercial roofing in Washington DC


It would be odd to consider the cost of a roofing project without considering the size of the building or space. You can manage roofing an ample square foot space by covering a partial area and continuing to the rest of the area after regaining enough capital with the business’ operation.

The extent of the damage

It is possible to get by with simple repairs if the damaged area is not big enough to consider a roof replacement. Be aware of the roofing structure to understand how the different materials will affect the price of replacing each square foot. Additionally, consider the damage of parts such as the HVAC system and protrusions like the underlying foundation.

Roofing system

The cost of different roofing systems varies because each one requires different complexities of installation and maintenance. Additionally, some roofing systems offer better environmental friendliness and will affect how the building affects its residents.

The most popular systems for commercial roofing in Washington DC are PVC, TPO, EPDM, and BUR. Single-ply roofing is conventional in commercial buildings and costs less than its complicated alternatives. It performs best because it has a decent property of deflecting light and is exceedingly easy to clean.

Our roofing schemes include all the accessories necessary for a commercial roof, such as the following:

  • Drainage
  • Skylights
  • Walking traffic
  • Roofing design such as a flat or pitched style


Remember that a low-priced purchase is not essential when the manufacturer does not provide an adequate warranty. The choice of the roofing system varies according to the building’s specifics and the owner’s financial setup. BUR roofs may be more expensive but will usually outlast the set warranty duration of more than five decades.


Do not fall for the least estimate without confirming the credentials of the contractor. You want to make sure that the roofing company has enough experience and skill to install a wide array of commercial roofing in Washington DC. Do not gamble your project with a residential roofing contractor who does not understand commercial projects.


It is recommendable for you to find a roofing contractor who keeps a regular schedule of your new roof maintenance. The best commercial roofing should include an inspection before winter and summer. APC roofing has a keen maintenance program that keeps the integrity of the roof for as long as its intended length of service. More so, we will advise you on how to maintain a roof with minimal technicality and finances.




Commercial Roofing Washington Dc
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Commercial Roofing Washington Dc
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