A Better Roof Can Mean Better Business

A Better Roof Can Mean Better Business

Commercial businesses have enough to worry about without having to burden themselves with troublesome roofs. Unfortunately, since roofs are out of sight, they are generally out of mind until they become an issue. By the time a roofing issue is bad enough to be noticed, it is usually an expensive fix. There is no need to stress, though! We can guide you through the signs of roof problems and explain why a new roof may be exactly what you never knew your business needed.

Look for the Signs

Most businesses have daily concerns about customer satisfaction and product performance. Add to that a malfunctioning roof, and the daily stresses of running a business become a triple threat. However, if you know what to look for, you can keep your commercial roof maintained before it becomes a big enough problem to affect your business’s daily runnings.

The most telltale signs of a damaged or compromised roof are clogged roof drains, bubbles on the surface of the roof, sagging, moisture forming between the roof and your ceilings, and energy costs that keep climbing each month. Any time you notice any of these issues, it’s time to call a professional to inspect your roof for damage.

Root Causes of Roof Issues

You’ve been told about the signs of a damaged roof, but what causes roof damage? Sure, if there is a huge storm with felled trees and power lines, you may venture to the roof of your business to check for damage. But not all damage is predictable. Some of the most common causes of roof damage are lack of maintenance, poor installation, improper roofing materials, standing water, blow-offs, punctures, shrinkage, and damaged roof pans.

Lack of maintenance is truly the most common cause of extensive roof damage. The rest of the roof issues can be caught and fixed with regular maintenance. Poor installation and improper roofing materials can be prevented with a professional commercial roof installation. Standing water can soak into roofs or even cause sagging because of the added weight of the water.

Blow-offs are caused by strong winds blowing parts of the roof off, and punctures are commonly caused by walking on roofs. Certain materials used in roofing, like metals, can expand and shrink with different temperatures and compromise the integrity of your roof. Damaged roof pans can cause pesky leaks that result in water damage.

New Roof, Who’s This?

There are many reasons that a new roof is just what your business needs! Some commercial properties are rather old buildings, and newer roofs are designed to be incredibly energy efficient. Energy-efficient roofs lead to lower energy costs which can help increase business profits.

Additionally, new roofs come with manufacturer’s warranties. For a while, this warranty can cover the costs of damages and things that may go wrong during the warranty’s duration. Safety is also a huge consideration for all businesses, and a suitable roof means more safety. You no longer have to worry about a sagging area of your roof falling onto anyone or anything.

Perhaps the best part of a new roof is its high return on investment. New roofs can increase the resale value of any property. So, if you ever decide to move your business, the roof you chose to install can help to make sure you get all the money you can from your current property before the relocation.

Your Professional Roofing Solution

Don’t wait a moment longer – call APC Roofing Services today for a professional roof inspection done right by your local roofing experts! We cater to many different kinds of roofs – flat, pitched, and even ones with skylights – on homes and businesses.

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